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2024 Summer Study Hall

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meet our president

Brenda Kennedy, J.D., PRP

It is my honor and privilege to bring greetings on behalf of the Board of Directors and as the newly elected president of the Green Gavel Electronic Unit (GGEU)! 

I am so excited to participate with our leadership team in providing a venue for learning opportunities to all who are interested in the furtherance of their education in parliamentary processes, skills development, and the practical application of those parliamentary skills that are discussed during our varied educational sessions.  I look forward to being able to share my ideas, experience, and quest for excellence in the pursuit of parliamentary excellence. 

This Board of Directors is committed to serving all members in their pursuit of all levels of parliamentary education and in providing valuable opportunities  to further develop their abilities in the application and practice of parliamentary exercises and skills that will assist them in the practical application of the rules published in the most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised while providing high-level opportunities for learning and the achievement of any level of education or credentialing that might be pursued. We pride ourselves in providing some of the most outstanding speakers available in the world of parliamentary education and in exposing our members to the most proven innovative and creative educational opportunities that will further enrich their learning opportunities. GGEU strives to provide the most outstanding educational opportunities available to all our members!

Our theme expresses our goal succinctly:

 "The Green Gavel Education Unit...... Where Education Reigns"

Membership in GGEU is truly "a gift that just keeps on giving."  In summary, "Welcome to Green Gavel........ Where Education Reigns!

2023-2025 Officers

Traci Bransford-Marquis, PRP

First Vice President

Monica Fontenot-Poindexter, RP
Second Vice President

Robin Sherrod, RP
Recording Secretary

Marsha Thornton, PRP

Patricia Titus, RP
Financial Secretary

Marsha McFadden, RP
Corresponding Secretary

Lucy Hicks, PRP, CP-T 

Linda Nichols, RP


Joyce Ballard, RP

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